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900% increase in online sales

As a renowned brand in the natural mineral water sector, Hildon Water supply bottled water to some of the most exclusive venues across the country. When Hildon Water initially approached us, it was to see if they could help the business realise their strategic goals to increase sales through different channels.

Outline Strategy

After looking at the different digital marketing possibilities, our specialists recommended Google AdWords Search as Hildon Water’s best option to grow their home delivery sales. Initial analysis found that this was a growing segment of the market and one which should bring in more revenue and brand awareness for the business. This growth came from a number of different sources, but one was through homeowners that were having parties, wanted regular deliveries, or wanted water delivered for events they were running.

The initial strategy was to test the market to see if the products would sell to this audience and to increase overall revenue. One of the main challenges was to ensure that the keywords we were targeting would generate high-intent users to the site, so specific keywords were chosen in addition to well-targeted ads. After the initial account was set up and campaign devised, we imported the revenue data from Google Analytics to aide optimisation and give the client real-time data on the value of sales.

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increase in click-through rate
increase in conversion rate
return on spend
increase in sales


The initial campaigns had limited budgets, but in the expert hands of our PPC team, the campaigns took off and sales have increased pretty dramatically within an agreed Return on Ad Spend (RoAS) target by effective optimisation. With the increase in revenue for the company, budgets were increased threefold in just over a year as we capitalised on the great return on investment.

The business has achieved a 900% in online sales with a 28:1 return on ad spend.

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The Specialists at Tillison Consulting have helped our business significantly improve the ROI on our AdWords campaigns. With the help of their fantastic team we saw a total of 15% growth in the first year, allowing us to stay one step ahead of our competitors at all times. Tillison play a huge role in our digital presence and we can’t thank them enough.

James Barnes – Digital Marketing Manager, Hildon Water

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