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57% increase in AdWords campaign response for mobility vehicle provider

Southern Mobility Vehicles specialise in the supply of wheelchair-adapted cars, cars with mobility aids, multi-wheelchair vehicles and mobility vans suitable for care homes. Southern Mobility Vehicles needed to increase its car sales marketing campaign’s reach to a target audience across London and the Southern counties, focusing on a specific set of search terms which identified highly-motivated buyers.

Outline Strategy

While a Google AdWords campaign had been created by another agency on its behalf, it was not creating profitable enquiries for Southern Mobility Vehicles. Our strategy comprised a careful mix of optimisation of the website and the creation of fresh content featuring new stock, balanced with social media activity to help build a stronger brand, boost rankings and increase organic traffic coming to the site.

The primary objective was to increase the campaign response, focusing specifically on the quality of the traffic. This niche market sector needed careful research of the terms motivated buyers used to produce the most enquiries for the available budget.

Our Pay Per Click Specialists started by creating new location-targeted campaigns to focus the advertising budget to an audience within reach of the company’s sites in West Sussex and Surrey – this involved deeply researching relevant search terms and structuring a campaign to create a strong click through rate and drive motivated buyers to the website.

The optimisation of the Google Search campaigns was supported by a remarketing campaign, targeting visitors after they’d left the site by using the Google AdWords Display Network to display branded banner ads featuring current stock. This strategy influenced visitors’ buying decisions during the sales cycle, increasing the likelihood of a return to the website and a sale.

Building on the strong performance of the Google AdWords campaign, our organic search team added organic placement to the campaign to target an increased share of the organic traffic coming to the site. Efforts were initially focused on high-volume search terms such as ‘wheelchair accessible vehicles’, for which the site did not rank on the first page of Google and received little search volume.

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increase in AdWords campaign response
increase in AdWords campaign response
search engine results page for popular terms


Careful optimisation of Southern Mobility Vehicle’s Google AdWords Search campaigns produced a huge 57% increase in campaign response, focusing on more specific search terms identifying more motivated buyers. The campaign has also placed Southern Mobility Vehicles in front of buyers at precisely the right time and significantly increased exposure to a wider audience of vehicle buyers.

In organic traffic terms, at the beginning of the project, the site did not rank on the first page of Google for the two highest volume industry search terms. As a result of our strategy, both of the most important industry terms now feature on the first page, producing a significant increase in organic traffic, enquiries and sales for Southern Mobility Vehicles. Our continued investment in social media and the creation of fresh content will help to further increase the level of traffic and enquiries.

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I’d tried a few companies that promised to get me to number one on Google 24/7 for a small fee per month and really felt like I’d been cheated, so I was cautious in selecting another company. I learned the hard way not to be taken in and I’m really pleased that I found Tillison Consulting.I like that I’m not treated as a number and that I can always talk to a member of the team to help me understand things I’m unsure of. I love that the campaign we have now puts us in front of a much greater audience and has given us many more sales opportunities. I’d absolutely recommend Tillison Consulting, but not to my competitors!

Peter Zanelli – Director, Southern Mobility Vehicles

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